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Detergent Powder- 1KG is a superior quality washing powder, which contains optical brightening agent and surfactant mixed in optimal ratio to give you the ultimate in washing experience in terms of effortless washing, long lasting pleasant fragrance and bright clothes. Fragrance which ensures your clothes smell fresh and make you feel refreshed all day. With Active Detergent Powder by your side, let your confidence shine as bright as your clothes do! Nimrex detergent powder works equally well for bucket wash and machine wash, to give you the brightest results


  • Contains optical brightening agent
  • 3X colour protection
  • 2X fabric softner
  • Effortless washing
  • Long lasting pleasant fragrance
  • Bright clothes
  • Tough stain removal
  • Get your clothes ultra clean
  • Soft on hands

Directions for use-

  • Separate your White, Light & Dark clothes
  • Add Nimrex Detergent Powder for good wash
  • Dissolve powder completely before adding clothes
  • For machine add 2 scoops, or bucket wash use 1 scoop of Nimrex Detergent Powder


Sodium carbonate, Sodium aluminosilicate, sodium sulphate, linear alkylbenzene sulphonate, alkyl sulphate, sodium polyacrylate, silicate, nonanoyloxy benzene sulphonate, ethoxylate, polyethylene glycol 4000, fragrance, DPTA, disodium diaminostilbene disulphonate, palmitic acid, protease, silicone, cellulase.


Keep Nimrex Detergent Powder away from children. If this product gets into the eyes by any chance, rinse thoroughly with clean water. If this product is accidently swallowed, seek medical advice.



Name of Mfg: Novochem Engineering INDIA LLP

Brand: Nimrex

Address of Mfg: Dwarka Sector- 23, New Delhi-110059


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